Welcome to the Glenelg High School Athletics Homepage!  At Glenelg, we have a rich tradition of excellence on and off the field.  With over 40 State Championships, over 90 Regional Titles and numerous County and District V Championships, the Gladiators have proven themselves a worthy opponent throughout the state.
We offer our students an excellent coaching staff who have garnered "State Coach of the Year" and Hall of Fame honors.  Our coaches believe in the student centered education based  approach to Athletics.  Our Student Athletes have gone on to pursue their academic and athletic careers at all levels from community college to Division 1 institutions.
Starting Dates:
Fall 2015 Season: Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Tryout Information can be found on the School Calendar (Link)
Winter 2015 Season: Saturday, November 14, 2015
Spring 2015 Season: Saturday, February 28, 2015
All Athletes need the following:
1.  Copy of Birth Certificate
2.  Proof of Residence (Documents of proof of residence are a current utility bill, excluding a cell phone bill, or a copy of a lease or rental agreement), every season
3.  Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form (see Athletic Forms link), every year
4.  HCPSS Athletic Participation Form (see Athletic Forms link), every season
5.  Sports Concussion Test and release of information (see Athletic Forms link), every 2 years
6.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information (see Athletic Forms Link), every season
Who needs a concussion test?
Golf, Tennis, Cross Country, and most Track Athletes are not required to have an impact test. 
7.  Academic Requirements
Per Policy 9070 Academic Eligibility for High School Extracurricular Activities, for high school, a full time student earns academic eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities by maintaining a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA), calculated using credit or non-credit courses, with no more than one failing grade for the marking period, which governs eligibility for that activity. This provision does not apply to incoming 9th grade students for fall eligibility. Incomplete grades must be converted to a letter grade to determine eligibility (Policy 8020 Grading and Reporting: High School). If a student withdraws from a course, the grades at the time of withdrawal will be used in determining academic eligibility. Weighted grades will be used for academic eligibility for extracurricular activities, including high school athletics.
Fall academic eligibility for students entering Grades 10, 11, and 12 is determined by the fourth marking period grades from the preceding school year. All incoming ninth graders are academically eligible for the fall quarter.
Winter eligibility is determined by first quarter grades.
Spring eligibility is determined by second quarter grades.

  Spring Tryout Information
Please Contact Coach for Accurate time/location information for Spring 2015 Tryouts.  Snow and limited space has impacted our original plans.
Tennis  Coach Schwartzbart  brett_schwartzbart@hcpss.org
Track  Coach Johnson  philip_johnson@hcpss.org
Girls Lacrosse  Coach Kincaid  virginia_kincaid@hcpss.org
Boys Lacrosse  Coach Hatmaker  joshua_hatmaker@hcpss.org
Softball  Coach Gerstner  raymond_gerstner@hcpss.org
Baseball  Coach Ballance  diginbaseball@gmail.com
Allied Softball  Coach Speake will announce times soon

Glenelg High School ImPact Testing Dates

Tuesday, 2/3/15_____2:15-4:00 PM 

Thursday, 2/5/15_____2:15-4:00 PM

Tuesday, 2/10/15_____2:15-4:00 PM 

Thursday, 2/12/15_____2:15-4:00 PM

Wednesday, 2/18/15_____2:15-4:00 PM

Testing will take place in the Glenelg High School Media Center Computer Labs. 

* Please be on time for the session you choose.

For more information on HCPSS athletics, go to http://www.hcpss.org/athletics/